Commitment to Client Service

The attorneys of Castellan Law Group recognize that our clients have many choices when it comes to selecting legal counsel, and we value our relationships with our clients.

We believe in putting the client first, and we do this by:
  • Learning and understanding our clients' businesses and the competitive environments in which they exist.

    We ask the right questions, and we listen to the answers.
  • Being responsive.

    We return phone calls promptly, we meet deadlines, and we show clients the respect and thoughtfulness that they deserve.
  • Creating a strategy that is both effective and practical.

    We want to help our clients achieve their goals, and we strive to do this quickly and inexpensively whenever possible.
  • Keeping the Client informed.

    We consistently provide our clients with progress reports, as well as copies of correspondence and other relevant documents.
  • Teaching and not lecturing.

    We often observe mistakes that could easily have been avoided and could easily be repeated. Our role is purely constructive: we help our clients address the current issue, and then we work with them to prepare for the future. We do this on a "professional-to-professional" basis; clients are treated as business partners, and legal jargon is explained or avoided.